Cheap VPS Europe

Cheap VPS Europe

.EU Domain Names Reselling and Hosting Options

Resellers Panel is an ICANN-accredited Registrar, and all domain extensions including the >EU domain name registration and transfer services are provided directly from a Registrar. Meaning you will get the most competitive prices for generic TLDs like dot NET domains, dot BIZ domains, INFO domains and ccTLDs like the .CO.UK domain name, Australian domain, Canadian domain, etc. All resellers will be able to sell the available domain names with the Free Resellers Program as add-on services to any of its products: Shared Hosting Packages, Semi-Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Servers and by all means the Virtual Private Hosting plans. Apart from reselling hosting packages, you can also become a EU country code top-level domain reseller, using either the Free Reseller or the cPanel Reseller Hosting programs. All .EU domain names available under these programs come with a whois protection service and a whole bunch of domain management options. And to complete the solution, we offer you a multi-currency billing system ($, GBP, €, C$, A$), which covers the whole domains hosting and reselling platform.

Resell Virtual Private Server packages with the .EU Top Level Domains

The three different Virtual Private Server packages - Base VPS, Regular VPS and Ultra VPS are a significant part of ResellersPanel's Free Reseller Hosting Program. The .EU domain name can be bundled with either of those three plans. VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. VPS will be an ideal hosting solution for you, whether you are a web designer, an ISP company, a webmaster or a networking business owner. As a member of ResellersPanel, you will also be able to create your own professional hosting brand and label and offer EU domains & Virtual Servers along with other types of hosting services.

Cheap VPS Reseller

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You can expand your reselling business with ResellersPanel's Linux web hosting solutions, Semi-Dedicated Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting packages. The program works in a way that you set up your retail prices that your customers will be paying and ResellersPanel, on their end, have their wholesale prices, which represent their share from your retail prices. So you can see both parties profit out of their mutual business partnership. The VPS packages, in particular, are quite the hook these days for your potential customers with growing hosting demands. Prices are ridiculously low - starting from $15.00/mo and giving you almost all of the capabilities of a Dedicated Server. The .EU domain name on the other hand is only $7.50/year, making it a great marketng trick to bundle the two. Join ResellersPanel for Free today and start your own reseller hosting business in ten minutes!

Web Hosting Service

Possessing a web site today is a necessity in terms of broadcasting opinions, promoting a brand new business or just remaining up to date with the latest vogues. As e-mails have replaced paper letters long ago and people search for pretty much everything online, it is a fine idea to create a web page where customers can learn about you or your business - this is a means to come closer to them, to explain to them what you think or what you provide. Let's take a look at what you require so as to set up a web site and the separate hosting services that permit you to fulfill that.

Virtual Private Server

Because shared web hosting plans have restricted capabilities and a dedicated server is too pricey for most users, certain hosting corporations offer a third website hosting service kind - the Virtual Private Server. This web space hosting solution offers great performance at a very inexpensive price and is often the preferred option for web portals that devour a lot of resources.

Dedicated Servers

Free and paid shared packages are among the most widely used web site hosting solutions on the marketplace. They are great for small-sized web sites that do not necessitate a lot of resources and do not attract that many visitors, but for heavy resource-requiring websites with many thousands of web site visitors, a more advanced platform is required. If you are looking for a rock steady, top-notch hosting solution that can handle even 1 000 000's of everyday hits, a dedicated server is your finest option.

Virtual Private Servers

VPS signifies Virtual Private Server and it functions like a dedicated web hosting server as far as management is concerned as you are provided with root-level access with an option to restart the virtual hosting server distantly. The virtual web hosting server shares system resources with other virtual private web servers that are accommodated on the very same physical machine. This is reflected in the remarkably affordable price, which is much lower than that of a dedicated server and is actually more comparable to shared web page hosting packages in terms of prices.