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Now it has become quite simple to establish a web page by yourself with all the free-of-cost website layouts that are obtainable on the World Wide Web together with free-of-cost web platforms that are applicable even for inexperienced clients. Thus, numerous new web sites are being launched each and every day, including online blogs - where the moderator can concentrate on different topics that occur to him, and image galleries - where everyone can post photographs and the history behind them on the Internet. These websites must be hosted someplace and one clever web hosting alternative is a virtual private hosting server.

What is a Virtual Private Hosting Server?

VPS signifies Virtual Private Server and it functions like a dedicated web hosting server as far as management is concerned as you are provided with root-level access with an option to restart the virtual hosting server distantly. The virtual web hosting server shares system resources with other virtual private web servers that are accommodated on the very same physical machine. This is reflected in the remarkably affordable price, which is much lower than that of a dedicated server and is actually more comparable to shared web page hosting packages in terms of prices.

Sorts of Private Virtual Web Servers

Just as any other web hosting type, Virtual Private Servers may vary depending on various features, but the Operating System is probably the most evident difference. Here are the 2 most essential varieties:

Windows virtual web servers - a VPS hosting system running Windows that will permit apps which require Windows to run properly to be activated on the virtual private hosting server.

Linux virtual private web servers - a private virtual web hosting server system running Linux is the more popular variety that you can find on the Internet since it is more affordable to establish and maintain and therefore it is more wanted.

Private virtual servers are also quite sought after by resellers and you can discover 2 modes of reselling a VPS:

VPS hosting reseller - the reseller purchases a private virtual web server and starts offering shared web site hosting plans that are hosted on the virtual private hosting server. It is similar to the regular reseller hosting packages, but here the reseller is given full root-level access and can modify the server's configuration.

virtual web hosting server reseller - the reseller in fact buys whole private virtual server web hosting packages to offer them to the customers instead of offering shared web hosting accounts on a single private virtual web server. It is deemed more profitable but also requests more introductory deposits to purchase the virtual hosting server.

Just as any other website hosting variety, private virtual web hosting server packages often entail a LAMP software bundle. LAMP signifies Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP and determines 3 more virtual hosting server types:

private virtual web servers with the Apache web server - the Apache web server is quite popular and was the first to exceed the one hundred million web site benchmark back in 2009, so it is naturally popular with virtual private web servers as well.

virtual servers with MySQL - MySQL is also a famous relational database management system used with many apps and therefore regularly requested on a VPS.

VPS web hosting servers with PHP - PHP is a programming language designed for web development, thus it is popular with different hosting solutions, incl. Virtual Private Server hosting ones.

Affordable VPS Packages by NTC Hosting

Features VPS Deal VPS Value VPS Expert
Monthly Fee
$25.00 per month
$40.00 per month
$70.00 per month
Web Server Space 11 GB 22 GB 45 GB
Site Bandwidth 300 GB 600 GB 1000 GB
VPS RAM 1024 MB 1536 MB 2048 MB
CPU Share Equal Equal Equal
Dedicated IPs 1
2 with CP
2 with CP
2 with CP
Server Root Access
Hosted Hostnames Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Operating System CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian
Uninterrupted Web Service Operation